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Our Mission is to accelerate Australian research targeting the prevention, better treatment and cure for MS.

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MS risk genes associated with illness course and severity

30th January, 2015

Two recent studies have found evidence that MS risk genes may be associated with illness features such as age at onset and with risk of JC virus

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Another HSCT study publishes results

29th January, 2015

Following the HALT-MS study results published earlier this month, a Chicago team have now published results from their series of MS patients treated with

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Cinnamon and spices may influence immune system functioning

27th January, 2015

Preliminary evidence has suggested that cinnamon and other spices may help to reduce inflammation in a mouse model of MS.

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What determines the location of MS lesions?

21st January, 2015

Australian researchers have developed a new model of MS and revealed some factors that determine the distribution of lesions in the brain and spinal cord

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