Governance & Management

MS Research Australia employs a rigorous and robust governance structure that aims to identify and resource Australian research that will be the most effective in addressing our mandate for prevention, better treatments and a cure for MS.

MS Research Australia draws on scientific and management expertise from members within our governance structure including:
  • The Board of Directors who hold overall responsibility for the direction and management of Australian MS research initiatives. Their directives involve scientific advice prepared by the International Research Review Board and provide direction to future grant investments.
  •  The International Research Review Board identify the promising areas of Australian research that complements the world-wide effort. This develops the strategic direction and focus for the allocation of funding for Australian research.
  • The Research Management Council, are a multi-disciplinary team responsible for recommending grant allocations, monitoring and reviewing applications.
  • The MS Research Australia Chief Executive Officer and staff who coordinate the research and funds to translate the strategy into productive scientific programs.

Corporate Governance

The Board of Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia has agreed to the following Governance Statement, setting out the roles and general accountabilities of the board and company management and the way by which the company is directed and managed. It includes an outline of the way the company monitors and assesses risks and how accountability for performance and achieving the company's objectives is managed. The statement is a set of guidelines only and intended to be flexible and subject to change as MS Research Australia's circumstances change.

View the Corporate Governance Statement