MS Research Resource Landscape

The clinical landscape for multiple sclerosis (MS) has changed irrevocably over the past decade, as people affected by MS show increasingly better outlook and prognosis, and many more treatment options are available to prevent relapses and slow progression. However, there is still much work to be done. Finding a cure for MS remains a top priority driving research efforts. Improving options for those with progressive MS is also an international priority, and researchers are working together to share resources and accelerate discoveries.

The MS Research in Australia: Resource Landscape Report has been created as a tool for researchers to reduce the fragmentation of knowledge of the tools, funding sources, and resources available to Australian researchers. For real progress to occur, we need a clear scientific roadmap and a fully resourced scientific community, with the necessary tools available to those who need them. One of the key challenges is not simply the provision of useful and effective resources, but ensuring that researchers are adequately informed and equipped to access all relevant facilities.

The information collated into this Resource Landscape Report reflects the Australian MS research community and the resources available for their use, including infrastructure, funding avenues, and professional development. Detailed information about available research resources was gathered via electronic surveys of MS Research Australia affiliated researchers and health professionals. The scope of this overview is limited to those tools and resources available in the academic and non-commercial sectors.

This report was developed following a large strategic analysis of the MS Research Australia organisational objectives via the Booz & Co. MS Research Australia Strategy Review in 2012, and follows on from the MS Research Australia: Research Audit 2004 – 2014.

This resource will evolve as resources change and new facilities become available.
Submissions or updates on available resources for inclusion in this resource are welcomed via


 The Resource Landscape Report was created with input from an Expert Consultation Panel:

  • Professor Simon Broadley, Griffith University, Queensland and Chair, Research Management Council
  • Professor Bill Carroll, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth, and Chair, International Research Review Board
  • Dr Elizabeth McDonald, MS ACT/NSW/VIC and Chair of Social and Applied Research Management Council sub-committee
  • Associate Professor Mark Slee, Finders University, South Australia, and Vice Chair, Research Management Council
  • Professor Graeme Stewart, Westmead Millennium Institute, NSW, and Board member of MS Research Australia
  • Professor Trevor Kilpatrick, University of Melbourne and Member of International Research Review Board
  • Dr Lindsay Vowels, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Victoria, and Member of Social and Applied Research Management Council sub-committee
  • Associate Professor Jeannette Lechner-Scott, Hunter Medical Research Institute, NSW
  • Associate Professor Ingrid van der Mei, Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania
  • Associate Professor Judith Greer, University of Queensland
  • Dr Alana Shepherd, MS Research Australia
  • Dr Lisa Melton, MS Research Australia
  • Dr Julia Morahan, MS Research Australia

You can also view the published report here:

The MS Research in Australia: Resource Landscape Report was created with generous support from the Macquarie Group Foundation.