Project Grants

MS Research Australia Project Grants

Aim: These projects require fully developed proposals for research in the MS field.
Eligibility: Successful applicants for this award will need to have strong experience in MS research.
Deadline: Applications close 28 April 2017

Important Note: Please also consider applying to NHMRC and NMSS. You must submit separate applications to other funding bodies, there is no automatic routing of applications between funding bodies.

Incubator Grant application

Aim: Incubator grants provide seed funding for the early stages of innovative new research efforts, with the aim of generating preliminary data needed to support future grant applications.
Funding Details: The maximum value of an Incubator Grant is $25,000. The research is expected to be completed within a year from the date that the grant is awarded.
There will be two rounds of Incubator applications in 2016. Assessment of incubator applications is an expedited process with a shorter turn around than major grant applications. Successful grants from Round 1 will commence funding in the second half of 2016.
Eligibility: Applicants must have research experience.
Deadline: Round 1 Applications closed February 24, 2017
Deadline: Round 2 Applications close July 14, 2017