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Financial Reports

Economic Impact Report

  • Economic Impact of Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 [download]
  • Economic Impact of Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 - summary presentation [download]
  • Acting Positively: Strategic Implications of the Economic Costs of Multiple Sclerosis in Australia - 2005 [download]

Needs Analysis Report

  • National MS Needs Analysis Report 2012 [download]

Research Audit and Snapshots

  • Research Audit 2004 - 2014 [download]
  • Snapshot of projects started in 2014 funded by MS Research Australia [download]
  • Snapshot of MS Research Australia funded research activity starting 2013 [download]

Strategic Plan


  • Accelerating Research for the prevention, better treatment and a cure for Multiple Sclerosis - 2011 [download]
  • 5 Year Impact Report 2005 - 2010 [download]
  • Accelerating Research to achieve Freedom from MS - 2008 [download]
  • Finding Multiple Solutions to Prevent, Treat and Cure MS - 2006 [download]
  • Investing in the MS breakthrough - 2004 [download]