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Recruitment begins for MS Research Australia funded CCSVI trial

8th September, 2010

MS Research Australia continues to explore chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI).

From discussions with the National MS Society in January 2010, MS Research Australia has been involved in an international effort to research this condition and is continually monitoring the results.

In the most recent Australian CCSVI research project, MS Research Australia is funding a study by Associate Professor Brian Chambers at the Austin Hospital (Melbourne) costing $35,000, and currently recruiting patients. This study compares the results of venous ultrasound examination in patients with MS with age and sex matched controls. In detailing this new Australian project, there is a detailed description now available. The research will purposely replicate studies undertaken overseas, with an effort to eliminate any technical or study design biases to improve our understanding of the potential for CCSVI to play a role in MS.

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