Research Strategy

MS Research Australia implements an informed scientific agenda to accelerate advances that will prevent, better treat and ultimately cure multiple sclerosis.The MS Research Australia Scientific Agenda focuses on funding research that will increase our understanding of the biology driving MS and how to stop MS from triggering the disease, causing further damage and how to repair existing damage that can reverse disability. This is a medium to long-term strategy. It requires extensive funding, collaboration and coordination.

MS Research Australia Projects We Fund

Each year MS Research Australia funds high quality MS research in universities and medical research institutes across Australia through project grants, scholarships and fellowships.

Funding Opportunities

MS Research Australia annually offers financial support to Australian scientists in the effort to accelerate and increase MS research activity. MS Research Australia partners with like minded organisations including the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Trish MS Research Foundation to leverage our funding and increase the number of opportunities available to researchers. 

MS Research Australia Platforms

With guidance from the broader scientific and health professional community, MS Research Australia establishes and maintains national collaborations to address scientific questions that no one researcher could solve in isolation. These collaborations we call Platforms.