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Study offers hope of 'repairing' MS damage

7th December, 2010

Scientists have identified a way of prompting nerve system repair in MS.

Studies on rats by Cambridge and Edinburgh University researchers have identified how to help stem cells in the brain regenerate the myelin sheath, needed to protect nerve fibres.

Published in Nature Neuroscience, scientists have found a way of positively influencing the production of ‘oligodendrocytes’, the myelin producing cells found in the brain.

MS Research Australia is also funding Australian research in this area. Dr Simon Murray and Dr Junhua Xiao at the University of Melbourne have been working with a specific protein called BDNF that has been shown to increase myelination in the brain and spinal cord.

In parallel, Natalie Payne has been funded by the Trish MS Research Foundation to work with Prof Claude Bernard, a world expert in MS and stem cells at Monash University. Their work explores the role of utilising the homing properties of adult stem cells for the delivery of targeted treatments.

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