Travel Award

Ian Ballard Travel Award

Aim: Ian Ballard Travel Awards are intended to enable recipients to undertake an international travel tour with the aim of extending and collaborating on their MS research specialty.
Funding Details: Award is up to $25,000 and travel is expected to be completed within one year of award.
Eligibility: This award is specifically for MS researchers. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand.
Deadline: Applications close 29 September 2016

Ian Ballard

Ian Ballard was an inspirational person with MS who valued the importance of research into multiple sclerosis. He encouraged a group of like-minded people to start fundraising via various means. In November 2005, Foundation 5 Million (F5M) was launched in Sydney, with the idea that if 2,500 people with MS and their families and friends could raise $2,000 each, we could rapidly raise $5 million to fund MS research.

With Ian’s unique personality and leadership, the F5M membership continued to increase as awareness grew throughout the Australian MS community. From street collections, trivia nights, golf days and garage sales, the income began to add up.

Unfortunately Ian passed away from a heart attack in 2008 before he could see F5M achieve its goal of raising $5 million in 2011. It was decided to honour Ian’s superb efforts by offering a fellowship to an Australian researcher to travel abroad to enhance their training and grow international collaborations. Even without Ian’s presence many of the original F5M group and a growing band of new members are still inspired by his wisdom and continue to ‘Race Towards A Cure’. F5M has been renamed Foundation 5 Million Plus in order to continue his dream to generate funding for MS research.