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What your contribution can help achieve

Australia is playing a significant role in the international effort to solve MS. We have excellent researchers who are collaborating on major national projects in the quest to find the cause and cure for this terrible disease.


We all can play an integral role by the active support and encouragement we provide to our researchers.

MS Research Australia has been helping to accelerate the excellent work of Australia's MS researchers since 2004. Currently, with help from donors, we are funding over 40 national research studies. Successes to date include:

  • Confirming the potential of vitamin D as a prevention strategy for MS. This resulted from the MS Research Australia-funded Ausimmune Study of environmental influences such as sunlight (which contains vitamin D) and viruses.
  • Mobilising a team of researchers to develop an Australasian MS Genetics Consortium (ANZgene) to identify the genes that influence MS susceptibility and progression
  • Developing the first Australian MS Brain Bank that will collect, store and distribute MS tissue to accelerate our world-class neuropathology targeting the cause of MS

We believe we are on the verge of discoveries that will make a significant contribution to our goal of FREEDOM FROM MS.

Below is a list of what your contributions could achieve:

  • $75 - Covers a morning's lab work by a junior researcher at one of our MS medical research institutes
  • $350 - Pays for DNA sequencing of one person's blood sample, aimed at finding genes that influence MS
  • $1,000 - Provides for research on one MS RNA sample to find MS-specific changes during the disease (Gene Expression research)
  • $3,000 - Allows for the retrieval of a donated MS brain, invaluable for use in MS tissue research
  • $5,000 - Will cover  a small project, likely to address areas such as stress and MS
  • $15,000 - Covers one year of a Betty Cuthbert Research Scholarship, matched by Government funding
  • $35,000 - Covers one year of a Betty Cuthbert Research Fellowship, matched by Government funding
  • $50,000 - Is the annual cost of several current research projects investigating how damaged MS cells can be repaired or replaced
  • $85,000 - Pays one year operational costs for the MS Research Australia Brain Bank Project Manager who will coordinate the collection, storage and use of human MS tissue
  • $140,000 - Covers an entire four year Betty Cuthbert Research Fellowship- working on a significant MS Research Project
  • $350,000 - Pays for DNA sequencing of 1,000 blood samples from People with MS. This would significantly help in finding the genes that influence MS - leading to better prediction, possible prevention and more effective, targeted treatments.

For more information on the people and projects MS Research Australia supports, click here