Annual Funding Opportunities

MS Research Australia offers a range of grants, fellowships and scholarships to support research into finding better treatments and a cure for MS. Although eligibility requirements and conditions differ between awards. All applications must have a direct link to advancing our knowledge of MS.

For further information, application forms and eligibility criteria for each grant type, please click on the hyperlinks below. Note: to be eligible for NHMRC funding, or for MS Research Australia-NHMRC top up funding, you must also submit a separate application to the NHMRC (see below for further information and here for NHMRC closing dates).

****We have moved to an online grant application platform. Click here to access the platform. You will no longer need to contact us to gain a grant application number. However, please do still contact our Research Grants Coordinator, Heather Cato on email or 08 9389 9680 if you have any queries.**** 

To assist you with your preparation for the first round of incubator grants, we have provided a guide that outlines the questions and tasks you will need to complete to submit an incubator grant - Incubator_Grant_Guide.pdf

MS Research Australia Grant Type Closing Date          

Project Grants

MS Research Australia Project Grant April 21, 2017
MS Research Australia Incubator Grant

Round 1: February 24, 2017

Round 2: July 14, 2017

MS Research Australia Proteomics Incubator Grant

Round 1: February 24, 2017

Round 2: July 14, 2017

MS Research Australia Postdoctoral Fellowship

MS Research Australia applications: April 28, 2017.

NHMRC applications: March 1, 2017. 

MS Research Australia - NHMRC TRIP Fellowship Application through NHMRC only. Closing date May 31, 2017.TBC
MS Research Australia Senior Research Fellowship Not available in 2017
MS Research Australia Senior Practitioner Fellowship Not available in 2017
MS Research Australia Junior Practitioner Fellowship Not available in 2017
MS Research Australia Vacation Scholarship Not available in 2017
NHMRC/MS Research Australia Betty Cuthbert Postgraduate Award

MS Research Australia applications April 28, 2017.


Travel Award  
MS Research Australia Ian Ballard Travel Award September 29, 2017

Before applying for any of the awards listed above, please read the MS Research Australia funding process document, the conditions of award document and the sample peer review below.

MS Research Australia & the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

MS Research Australia funds under a separate process to the NHMRC and NMSS with an independent assessment panel. There is no automatic routing between NHMRC, NMSS and MS Research Australia. Therefore, MS Research Australia recommends that applicants increase their chances of funding by applying to BOTH MS Research Australia and the NHMRC.

Separate applications to the equivalent NHMRC/NMSS schemes are recommended for the following grants:

  • MS Research Australia Project Grants
  • MS Research Australia Postgraduate Scholarships
  • MS Research Australia Postdoctoral Fellowships

For some grant types, MS Research Australia has a partnership with the NHMRC that allows for negotiations on co-funding of fundable applications, however this can only occur if MS Research Australia and NHMRC BOTH receive completed applications by the relevant closing dates. Separate applications must be submitted to both organisations, since both institutions have their own independent assessment panels.

MS Research Australia - NHMRC co-funding is possible for the following grants:

An application will be considered for co-funding if the NHMRC Review ranks it as ‘fundable’ AND the MS Research Australia Research Management Council considers it as a fundable project. Applicants are also encouraged to apply to The National MS Society of America (NMSS) where there is also a potential to consider co-funding.

Please note that the NHMRC applications close BEFORE MS Research Australia closing dates. For NHMRC closing dates please see here.

MS Resource Landscape Funding Opportunities

For a comprehensive list of other funding opportunities, see the MS Resource Landscape listing.

MS International Federation Funding

The MS International Federation offers funding for a range of activities. This includes the international offered to young researchers and the International Progress MS Alliance for research into progressive forms of MS. For full information on the range of funding that is available and the closing dates please see the MSIF website.

Competitive Grants Register

The MS Research Australia funding scheme is listed on the Australian Competitive Grants Register (Project Grants, Incubator Grants and Postdoctoral Fellowships qualify for category one funding, however Scholarships do not). Income that Universities receive from ACGR listed schemes drives the allocation of government Research Infrastructure Block Grants (RIBG) and other block grant schemes for research and research training. These infrastructure grants maintain and strengthen Australia’s knowledge base and research capabilities by developing an effective research and research training system.

MS Research Australia is always looking for partnering opportunities to increase the funding for MS research.

The Trish MS Research Foundation and CharityWorks for MS all work with MS Research Australia’s Research Management Council, and allocate funds or co-fund ‘fundable’ MS research.

For MS Research Australia this means that we can increase the amount of funding and researchers working on curing MS.

If your organisation would like to explore co-sponsoring MS research, contact us on 1300 356 467.