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MS Australia is the largest Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advocate on behalf of all people affected by MS, to drive change and to accelerate research toward better treatments, prevention and a cure for MS.

All financial contributions are vital to ensure MS Australia can continue to increase funding to support the best MS research and advocacy in Australia.

There are many ways to support and contribute to MS Australia from fundraising to making a donation, regular giving or leaving a gift in your Will. The team are always happy to work with you to establish the most appropriate way for you to get involved.

We couldn’t do the work that we do without you.

Together we can make a difference and change the lives of people living with MS.

Below is a list of what your contributions could achieve:


Grows MS cells in a lab to undertake research into the cause and treatment of MS.


Covers the hourly rate of a dedicated research assistant.


100 Cryotubes – to preserve precious blood or DNA samples from people with MS.


Will purchase a microarray chip used to screen the genome of a person with MS using their DNA sample as part of a larger study to investigate genetic changes in MS.


Will cover the cost to process one person’s blood sample to  gain better understanding of the genes and DNA sequencing in people with MS.


Will contribute to community education and awareness events and activities by MS Australia.


Will support an early career research fellow for one week.


Will contribute to supporting MS Australia’s national advocacy programs and activities.


Will contribute to MS Australia’s advocacy information sessions with Parliamentarians.


Brain Donation Costs – to retrieve and process one MS donated brain as part of the MS Australia Brain Bank.


Facilitation of a Collaborative Research Workshop to enable researchers to collaborate, thus increasing the power of individuals to make a difference to MS research.


Will buy the tissue culture materials required for an MS research project for one year.


Pays for one fluorescence microscope so researchers can examine specimens at a cellular level.


Incubator Grant – ‘seed’ funding that enables researchers to get an innovative new research project off the ground with the aim of leading to more funding in the future.


Funds six months of an emerging scientist’s salary to aid in the progress of MS research.


Will fund a 3 year research PhD scholarship. PhD scholars will undertake important research projects whilst also receiving training to become independent qualified researchers.


Fellowship – will pay the salary of a post-doctoral (PhD qualified researcher) for 3 years. These fellowships retain young researchers who are building their expertise in MS research and working towards becoming independent research leaders.


Project Grants – Research grants of 1-3 years to pursue projects to increase our understanding of MS, cause, better treatments and prevention of MS and improve symptom management and daily living for people with MS.


Senior Research Fellowship – funding for a 5 year research fellowship for a leader in the MS research field to allow them to build a scientific team and pursue long term research goals in MS.

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